Xiaotao Yang (杨晓涛)

Postdoc Researcher

Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Email: xiaotaoyang@umass.edu

***For most up-to-date version, go to: http://people.umass.edu/xiaotaoyang


Research Interests 

Seismic ambient noise tomography, seismicity analysis; seismic tomography; seismic scattered wave imaging; seismological evidence on evolution of continental lithosphere; application of seismological methods in the study of volcanoes and subductions

**Detailed Curriculum Vitae**

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Ph.D., Indiana University Bloomington, 2011~2016

M.Sc., Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2008~2011

B.Sc., China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), 2004~2008



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Updated on: 07/11/2017