Öner Özçelik
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Oner Ozcelik


Assistant Professor, Central Eurasian Studies

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Second Language Studies

Director, Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region

Lab Director, Turkic and Central Asian Linguistics and Language Acquisition Lab

Indiana University, Bloomington

E-mail: oozcelik@indiana.edu


-Ph.D., Linguistics, McGill University, 2012
-Ph.D., Interdisciplinary PhD program option in Language Acquisition, McGill University, 2012
Advisors: Heather Goad & Lydia White

-M.A., Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh, 2006
-M.A., Graduate Certificate in TESOL, University of Pittsburgh, 2006
Advisor: Alan Juffs

B.A., Boğaziçi University, Department of Foreign Language Education, 2004

Research interests:
phonology and phonetics (with an emphasis on prosody)
language acquisition
Turkic and Altaic linguistics
prosody-syntax interface
phonology-morphology interface


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