Mihai Avram
E-Mail: mavram@indiana.edu
Phone: (765) 586-8977
Who am I?

I am an aspiring Social Computing Researcher currently pursuing a Master's in Computer Science at Indiana University,
and who is aiming to solve social problems in the world using interdisciplinary methods.

What am I up to nowadays?

1) Currently working on my Master’s Thesis funded by the Democracy Fund which involves the study
and prevention of misinformation in modern society by creating, using, and improving tools such as
Hoaxy, OSoMe, Botometer, and a Fake-News Game.

2) Applying to "Social Computing" Ph.D. programs for a Fall 2018 start.

3) Asking where all the time went!!

Resume: Download As PDF

HarpLDA+: Optimizing Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Parallel Efficiency
Bo Peng, Bingjing Zhang, Langshi Chen, Mihai Avram, Robert Henschel, Craig Stewart,
Shaojuan Zhu, Emily Mccallum, Lisa Smith, Tom Zahniser, Jon Omer, Judy Qiu
Conference - IEEE Big Data 2017
(Download as PDF)

Finding and counting tree-like subgraphs using MapReduce
Zhao Zhao, Langshi Chen, Mihai Avram, Meng Li, Guanying Wang, Ali Butt,
Maleq Khan, Madhav Marathe, Judy Qiu, Anil Vullikanti
Journal - IEEE Transactions on Multi-Scale Computing Systems 2017
(Download as PDF)

RelSifter: Scoring Triples from Type-like Relations
Prashant Shiralkar, Mihai Avram, Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Filippo Menczer, Alessandro Flammini
Conference - WSDM Cup 2017
(Download as PDF)

A Fast Algorithm to the Radiative Transport Equation and Implementation of Theory Into an Applet
Mihai Avram, Manabu Machida
Report - 2013
(Download as PDF)

Civilian Deaths and the Iraq War
Mihai Avram, Sorin Matei
Journal - Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research 2013
(Download as PDF)

Fall 2017

Learned about Natural Language Processing and lauched an alpha version of the Fake-News Game.
Lessons Learned:
Learned the Vue front-end framework, and read up on many Social Computing papers to understand the diverse research done in this field. Hopefully this literature review will better allow me to pick certain sub-areas of research in order to have the most impact and fun in the future. I also learned to find a good work/life balance for myself in the academic environment.

Summer 2017

Worked for professors Judy Qiu and Ying Ding and published two papers as well as one Machine Learning MOOC.
Lessons Learned:
Focus on the essential and do your best, as trying to do everything is the recepie for failure.
Honed Machine Learning, Graph Algorithms, Linux, and High Performance Computing skills.

Spring 2017

Completed a Cloud Computing course and Data Mining Course as well as
started formally working with professor Filippo Menczer who turned out to be my Master's research advisor.
Lessons Learned:
Research is hard work, but I prefer doing research to taking classes
because it gives me creativity, a sense of purpose, and flexibility.

Fall 2016

Started my Master's in Computer Science and completed the following courses:
Algorithms Design and Analysis, Advanced Operating Systems, and Machine Learning.
Also started working with Dr. Filippo Menczer on Fact Checking, later publishing a paper in WSDM Cup 2017.
Lessons Learned:
Graduate school is hard work, but surrounding oneself with what one values most can make the time more pleasant.
For me this was doing research and outdoor activities such as running, climbing, tennis, basketball, etc...


Worked as a Consultant, later being promoted to Senior Consultant at Avanade, a technology company.
I learned a lot about the application development lifecycle, team leadership, Web Development, and Big Data here.
Lessons Learned:
Working in industry is good money, but if one wants to make a difference in the world
then a career in research, nonprofit, or entrepreneurship would be a better fit.
This is when I chose to pursue a research oriented Master's degree in Computer Science.


Graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.
I also gleaned some neat skills in Computer Science, by attending an REU at University of Michigan
and working with professor Sorin Matei on a publication about the Iraq War.
Lessons Learned:
The meaning of giving back through Purdue's EPICS program. NOT to procrastinate.
Critical thinking is the key to a bachelor's degree, everything else can be forgotten.