Here are the main software projects I work on.


RTcmix is a scriptable program for synthesizing and processing audio. I've worked on this for a number of years, along with other like-minded folks. I make my fixed-media electroacoustic pieces almost exclusively with RTcmix.

Download the source code from GitHub. Get help with RTcmix at


I'm developing a series of external objects for Cycling74's Max.

Get the GPL-licensed source code for all of these here.

UPDATE: These objects have been updated for Max 7 (32 and 64-bit) for both Mac and Windows. They are still in beta. Please if you would like to try these versions.

I have some simple tutorials for Max 7 here and here.

Here is an old collection of patches for Max 5.


Hula is a Python program that works with the Python-embedded version of RTcmix. I built this to experiment with algorithmic loop-based composition in a context that harnesses the full power of the Python programming language.

Here are some free software projects I've contributed to.


PVC is an extensive package of phase vocoder programs by Paul Koonce, based on earlier work by F. R. Moore, Eric Lyon and Chris Penrose. I did the Linux port, which is no longer up-to-date with the current Mac OSX version. Get it here. This version is probably not in sync with Paul’s latest.


Resample is a handy program for high-quality resampling of 16-bit sound files, written by Julius Smith of Stanford. I did the initial Linux port, and made a version that is part of RTcmix.

Here are some commercial programs I've worked on as a contractor.


Nightingale is a music notation editor for the Mac.


SpeedScore is another music notation editor for the Mac.