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Recent and Current Projects

During the late summer of 2013, I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund my first album. And then it got done! Check out Studies in Light and Sound on CDBaby, in Bloomington Indiana's independent record stores, or a variety of online shops. The album features three of my recent works, original artwork by Natasha Heines, and dozens of talented performers including Brett A. Richardson, Heidi Radtke Siberz, and the fantastic Tesla Quartet.

At the moment, I'm primarily occupied with two large-scale projects. First, in collaboration with the Intercontinental Ensemble I am working on a concert-length work exploring historic sites of water infrastructure form around the world. Titled Nil magis mirandum: Industrial Landscape No. 1, The first movement was recently completed, and the rest (concerning such things as aqueducts, wells, and waste treatment facilities) are in progress. I am also currently directing a collaboration between myself and seven other composers on the monumental task of setting the entirety of Psalm 119 in Hebrew for eight spatially arranged voices and organ. The completed work, which is being produced under the auspices of the folks at Red Frost Industries and BlueSanct, will aim to provide an immersive, colorful, and thoughtful experience.

The last three pieces I finished were:

  1. A nonet about the Ir.D.F. Woudagemaal for the Intercontinental Ensemble
  2. A saxophone quartet about (and titled) Cloud Physics for Barkada Quartet
  3. A short song with a text by Giuseppe Ungaretti