Emily Meanwell


I'm a sociologist at Indiana University Bloomington, where I'm the Director of the Social Science Research Commons and the Study Director for the Sociological Research Practicum. My research has focused on intersections of inequality, culture, and education, and has used a variety of (primarily qualitative) methods to study topics including the emergence of No Child Left Behind to the experiences of college students on the autism spectrum. My teaching focuses on community-engaged approaches to understanding homelessness, as well as short workshops in qualitative research methods.


IUB Social Science Research Commons

Social Science Research Commons

Woodburn Hall 200

The Social Science Research Commons (SSRC) facilitates social science research on the Bloomington campus by providing research infrastructure, support, and training to social science faculty and graduate students.

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Sociological Research Practicum

Schuessler Institute for Social Research

The Sociological Research Practicum (SRP) is an annual data collection project in the Department of Sociology. Each year, a faculty PI is selected to design the project and work with a team of graduate student researchers (and the SRP Study Director).

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Classroom + Community

Sociology Laboratory (S105): Understanding Homelessness

My Sociology Laboratory course helps students understand homelessness using sociological perspectives and research methods, and through direct engagement with and service to our local community.

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