Emily Meanwell


I am a social scientist at Indiana University, where I am the Director of the Social Science Research Commons and the Study Director for the Sociological Research Practicum.

I received my Ph.D. in sociology in July 2014. My research focuses on the intersections of inequality, culture, and education, as exemplified in social policy, and uses a variety of qualitative methods to study topics ranging from homelessness to the emergence of No Child Left Behind.

Curriculum Vitae

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emeanwel at indiana dot edu

Recent Publications

Meanwell, Emily and Sibyl Kleiner.  2014.  “The Emotional Experience of First-Time Teaching: Reflections from Graduate Instructors, 1997-2006.”  Teaching Sociology 42(1): 17-27. (Full text from asanet.org, free)

Meanwell, Emily.  2013.  “Profaning the Past to Salvage the Present: The Symbolically Reconstructed Pasts of Homeless Shelter Residents.”  Symbolic Interaction 36(4): 439-456. (Full text via Wiley Online Library)

Meanwell, Emily and Julie Swando.  2013.  “Who Deserves Good Schools?  Cultural Categories of Worth and School Finance Reform.”  Sociological Perspectives 56(4): 495-522.